Question ??

I have tried to run mrtg with my router (Cisco 7500). This router has a
controller which accept an E1 and divides it as you want. The interfaces
that are not directly connected to this controller are OK (for example
interfaces such as Serial5/2, Ethernet3/5, etc...), but I have problems
with those interfaces such as (Serial5/0:14, Serial5/0:13, etc.). The
problems arise since I run cfgmaker public@router_ip, because the ports
related with the interfaces directly connected to the controller are
wrong. In fact, when I run ./mrtg mrtg.cfg I get the next error messages:

CFG Error in "maxbytes[enepacatlan(rdi/e1)]": 256000 must be a Number
smaller than maxint


What should I do???

I will appreciate your help. Thank you!!!!!!

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