question about per. hack

i think this is the first time. i'm cc'ing NANOG since several folks there
are wondering exactly why i think the FBI should get involved and why i think
eugene kashpureff should be jailed.

Mr. Kashpureff has been kind enough to document his work at:

What Mr. Kashpureff isn't saying is that he's not just leaking bad data
when someone asks him about something in the normal case of DNS events;
he is actively sweeping through the public NS RR lists and causing those
servers to ask his servers questions whose answers contain intentional
cache corruption.

Leaking the data would be a "hack." Causing other people to ask questions
to which you then send intentionally corrupt answers is a "crack." I am
astonished that here we are days later and it's still occuring. Usually
the teenagers who perpetrate this kind of stupidity are arrested and have
their PC's confiscated.

Is there a U.S. Federal Marshall in the House. I'll even give him
Eugenes' home address ... >:|