Question about operational concerns with Routing Protocol Security

while enjoying some (oddly not controversial) meeting time at the
IETF, one of the presenters (Sam Hartman[1]) noted he's looking for
some people to chat with with respect to 'deployment scenarios'
surrounding network gear and protocol security.

Today that probably takes the form of things like: "Hey, be sure to
copy the password into the config before turning up the interfaces!"

I can imagine other methods as well, for things like:

would any of the folks on-list that currently have key material
(passwords and such) configured for these protocols AND who also
deploy new gear into the field be willing to chat some with Sam?

(Note, you don't have to tell Sam your passwds/keys, and you don't
have to tell anyone else that the passwd is 'chocolate' either...)

(also, note that I copied in at least one of Sam's emails, maybe this
one won't get too filtered...)

[1]: The draft Sam could use some advice on: