Question about obtaining ASN #

Hi there.

We are in the middle of a major project that will be rolled out in the next 3-4 months. With this project, I will be multihoming my network. To get ready for this project, I recently applied for an AS# for my company with ARIN and I was denied because I don’t have a multihomed network and dont intend to be one in the next 30 days. Is there any other way to obtain AS#? I dont want to wait until 11th hour to get the AS#. Any suggestions are appreciated.


Vish Yelsangikar.

i think you only need to wait until 30 days before, not 11 hours before.

ARIN in my experience responds with reasonable promptness to ASN requests,
and assuming your paperwork is in order, you really are worrying unnecessarily.


It only took me a few days from start to finish to obtain a new AS# for a client of mine. If you're only multihoming in one location, have a really small network or you're only accepting local or default only routes from your upstream providers it should be rather trivial to set up the BGP peering sessions too.

Vish Yelsangikar wrote:

ARIN isn't real strict about giving out ASNs, so there's nothing to fear
in waiting until you're about, say, 45 days from being multihomed to start
the process (30 days isn't written in stone, speaking from experience).
I've never heard of ARIN taking more than a week to issue one.

And if you're multihomed, that's all the justification you need. This
isn't like getting CIDR blocks, which is an involved process requiring
massive amounts of documentation (but as long as you have the
documentation at the ready, it's pretty painless as well).