Question about NANOG charter (Re: heads up ... another

John Hawkinson writes:

There are mailing lists for people who manage networks.
There are mailing lists for people who manage endsystems.

NANOG is one of the former, not the latter.

Yes, most people with networks have endsystems. Yes,
most people with endsystems have networks.

This doesn't mean that endsystem issues belong on network-management
mailing lists.

Nor does it mean that endsystem information might not occasionally
belong on the NANOG mailing list.

Stopping and/or tracing ongoing network attacks might well involve
"issues that require cooperation among network service providers",
which is mentioned directly in the list charter. Maybe this
particular issue (IMAP exploit) qualifies, maybe not...

Of course, it obviously failed test #4 on the NANOG pre-posting
guide. :wink: