Question about NANOG charter (Re: heads up ... another imapd attack

Bradley Reynolds asks a valid question:

As a general question, is this mailing list concerned with the
operation of end nodes? It was always my thought that network
operations covered the ether between end nodes.

I don't want to start a big debate, though I would prefer a public
answer by a clued party.

Personally, I see any form of attack a (potential) network issue.
Solutions, or workarounds, or whatever, may involve doing things at
the network level. For example I posted the IP address just in case
someone decides it is their policy to block things at the network
level once a report comes in. I know I would consider doing that if
there was a period of possible attack against something my servers
were not prepared to handle (to give me time to fix the servers).

OTOH, the servers should have been fixed on THIS matter for quite some
time now, at least on any decently operated network. Still, network
operators may wish to temporarily protect downstream customers for a
finite time, anyway.

That said, if it's still concluded to not be a network operation issue
then I won't post these here. It's easier for me to not do so.