Question about great firewall of China

As you may have heard, Bell Canada has gathered a
group called Fairplay Canada to force all ISPs in
Canada to block web sites

re: Nation-level controls, the Sandvine report from
Citizen Labs can add some context and real world

Also discusses http vs. https things.


even in China it is not possible to block content from people
proactively want to reach it (VPN, TOR, etc). So terrorists, child
pornographers, drug dealer, copyright violators and other s*it are in safe.

Only can really do the Internel Censorship is to decrease of circle of
spreading information. It will not reach 100%, but reach say 5% of
initial expected auditory. This system can ONLY be used to change MASS

Don't believe bastards say they protect you by censorship. ONLY can they
really do with this system (not now of course, a bit later - look for
history of raising Russian censorship system for example) - is to
influence of the mass mind, i.e. results of elections. NOTHING ELSE.

24.03.18 01:34, Scott Weeks пише: