Question about 223/8

Jared Mauch wrote:
> While the issue on the surface appears to be fairly pety, the
> 223/8 block was assigned to a RIR. 223.255.255/24 is reserved per rfc.

And this is why my question. RFC 3330 states that 223.255.255/24 can be
assigned to a RIR. What gives one RFC weight over another? Is it an
issue of RFC type or obsoletion status?


  the expectation that many have is that higher numbered RFCs
  are generally more current. In this case the folks who put
  RFC 3330 out did not do their homework and so were not clear
  on the ramifications of delegating 223/8, with its "reserved"
  stub. Eventually, that reserved restriction ought to be moot,
  but for now, it still is an issue with legacy equipment/code.
  Delegating 223/8 at this time was, perhaps, not the brightest
  thing they could have done.