[Q] Any good resource of info ref LECs, in different US areas?

Trying to build diversity in some very odd places, about which the big
names tell me exclusively about other bug names, but cannot easily verify.

Thank you,

I think if you are specific about what markets (or addresses) it would be helpful.

eg: Here in Michigan there are a lot of small fixed wireless providers, local fiber in addition to the big name folks. If you talk about the market, city, etc.. it might be helpful. I could say try "smaller" folks like US Signal. There's also places like this: http://www.indatelgroup.org/

I've almost thought there should be a nanog-type list for posting these types of inquiries to help folks dig up access...

- Jared

There used to isp-bandwidth (hosted by isp-planet), but that closed several
years ago.

Not sure exactly what you are looking for, but how about:

http://localcallingguide.com/ (Free/open copy of certain LERG tables,
should list all providers in a given RC/LATA/NPA-NXX)



Hope that helps,