Q&A for Telecom Nerds


We're starting a series of Q&A Webinar sessions for those that love Telecom. The first topic we're going to touch on is Virtualization vs Bare Metal (http://2600hzqa1.eventbrite.com/) this Friday, 4/19, at 10am Pacific. Two fridays after that, on May 3rd, we'll be covering faxing (http://2600hzqa2.eventbrite.com/), also at 10am Pacific. We hope you'll join us.

This is intended to be a non-marketing event, you won't hear sales pitches on these calls, but you will get insight from companies and individuals that have built large telecom infrastructures. We are an open-source company and this is part of giving back to the community of giants on whose shoulders we stand. I hope you'll join us, and if anyone has any questions prior to the event, please don't hesitate to ask.


Joshua Goldbard
VP of Marketing, 2600hz

116 Natoma Street, Floor 2
San Francisco, CA, 94104