PuTTY alt-keys (was Re: 16-User Network)

From: "Fairlight" <fairlite@fairlite.com>

Unless someone dumbs down and jails their environment for them, which
I'm staunchly against for anything except ftp or sftp use.

This is, um, the *filePro* mailing list.

Quick: who on here has ever set up a Unix user to go directly into
a filePro menu?


My belief is that if you can't configure a simple terminal emulator, you're
quite possibly a menace with an operating system a few hundred times as
complex. All the chmod 0777 monkeys out there haven't done anything but
reinforce my opinion over the years. There are some notable exceptions,
but I'm wary of putting non-technical people in front of an actual shell

Yup. Why I never do it.

And I've never been a fan of pseudo-jailed environments. I've yet to> find
one I can't find -some- way out of (including at a bank, who> overlooked
the fact that WordPerfect had a shell escape buried in it!), and> admins
place way too much trust in the stupidity of the users they fool into
thinking their access is limited. Sorry, changing the prompt to look
like a several-choice menu is -not- security. (Yes, I know a company that
does this.)

Ha. :slight_smile:

In practice, in 20 years, on well over 500 seats, I *never* had a problem.


But I'd never let someone near my own box if they can't even configure
a PuTTY connection to it. Oh, -hell- no. :slight_smile:

Strawman. Wasn't suggesting that you should.

See again the name of this list :wink:

-- jra

Must. Not. Post. After. 1am.

Sorry, all.

Nor su after the third drink. :wink:

Nah; I have the patched version of sudo, with beer google protection built
in -- you have to supply a random command line switch from a definition
before it lets you execute the first command.

-- jr 'oh, ghod; someone's gonna write that, now, right?' a

But you really haven't lived until you have brought up peers for beers at NANOG/RIPE..

"The real reason GNU ls is 8-bit-clean is so that they can start using
ISO-8859-1 option characters." - Christopher Davis (ckd@loiosh.kei.com)


And the award for Funniest Thing I've Heard All Year That No One Else Would
Get goes... *to*

-- jra