Puerto Rico IX (operational)

Hey there,

Puerto Rico IX , famously known as PRIX , is now operational.

You can visit www.puertoricoix.net to see sites you can connect to PRIX, members and join Ix mailing list.

There are no fees to join the IX. We hope to keep this, this way until there is enough interest to form a non profit org.

I would like to thank once again Aeronet, Arista and Cloudsmash for their donations of equipment , time and energy!

Now, we are looking for those who want to deploy 1-2RU caching boxes anything from DNS to Content.

We are working on more stats/looking glass, etc soon!


My guess is Aeronet already has a Netflix OCA but Netflix may still be interested adding some gear on the IX for other ISP’s that don’t qualify for their own appliance.

Also, cloudflare would likely want to add a POP here as well. They’re trying to be within 10ms of every ISP in the world or something like that.


We do not have any local caches yet.

I tried to join the mailing list once I saw your post on Linkedin but link to google groups says permission denied.

Just an FYI.

Let me know if you need any help. I’ll probably be traveling to PR soon.

  • Javier

sorry about that, fixed. google groups are complicated.

No problem. Just figured you would want to know.

thank you all for the wonderful feedback. We are in the process of implementing https://www.ixpmanager.org/ as many recommended. IPv6 enabled.

We were able to connect 4 major data centers within san Juan metro using n x 10G ring thanks to various partners and special thanks this time goes to OSnet of Puerto Rico for providing lots of onsite support.

Still trying to grow the number of critical ASNs in the IX, if you have any suggestions, please let us know.