Puerto Rico Internet Exchange

Hey there, just a very brief update

We are in the process of RE-launching Internet Exchange in San Juan, Puerto Rico in a few weeks. We’ve got multiple networks in San Juan agreed to join the IX in a common neutral point. If you are able to help with the project or interested in learning more about it, please contact me offlist. (especially if you are in Puerto rico)

Once everything is operational and the website is set up, I hope to contact back and update once we’ve got mrtg, etc is operational.

thank you

It would be interesting if ICANN, Verisign and Afilias were able to join the IX as well making the root and .com/.net/.org/.pr zones available even if the island is cut off from the globe. There is so much fixation in bits per second while IX’es are resiliency tools, more than bandwidth saving tools.


I’m interested as well.

Cyrus Ramirez

.Org, .pr, and a couple of root letters should be on our Puerto Rico node already, along with several hundred other TLDs.


thank you for reaching out offlist.

We’ve received our core switching hardware (thank you Arista for donating these) and identified 5-7 potential different sites which we can be colocated, however, we will start with two that are diversely connected with each other. somewhere others can go deploy 1-2 rack deployments, easily.

what do we need now? we will go to Puerto Rico and go rack hardware/servers/cable etc if you have any way to help (you might be living there, etc… feel free to reach out)

an IX without networks to peer is well not an IX. so if you are able to make deployments using 1-2rack unit servers, or even virtual servers (DNS, etc…) feel free to contact me offlist. We would like to have in general, root-servers, TLDs, CDN caches, etc. these all peer with ix.

regarding costs of ix - we will be following a model where “members share all costs”, at the beginning our ultimate goal is to keep these costs to an absolute minimum. Any other recommendations, please feel free to reach offlist. next, I hope to share some peering utilization numbers.