publishing venue

I've been talking to the folks at Usenix about a venue for papers
of interest to this group. They've very eager to have such papers
at the LISA (Large Installation System Administration) conference.

Timing is tight for this year -- the deadline is in three weeks (
LISA '04: 18th Large Installation System Administration Conference ). For those who aren't
familiar with LISA, this is a conference with that publishes
proceedings of refereed papers. The success, of course, depends
on members of this community submitting papers, this year and next
-- that's what will make the conference interesting to this community.

There is a reasonable level of overlap into the network operator field.
LISA and USENIX are both great conferences to attend if you
want to know what to be planning your network for. These are the
guys running the big server platforms doing interesting things with
applications and I've found it very useful to review the papers
out of both of these meetings [and also Apache-Con].