Publish or (gulp) Perish

well, a copy of "the bell technical journal" with the first
paper describing unix is on my shelf.

On my bookshelf too.

I believe this was more of a "technical reports" series
than a referreed journal since it contained only work
being done by the one organization. A lot of universities
and research labs also publish a "technical reports" series
that describes work whichj may or may not make its way into
journals and conference proceedings.

Would it be better to think of a way that NANOG could publish
a series of NANOG Technical Reports rather than a journal?
This seems to be the ideal way to formalize work that is
supposed to focus on the here and now by describing stuff
that is operationally useful no more than 6 months into the

Then we would have an archive of NANOG presentations,
associated NANOG Technical Reports and the occasional
pointer to a journal paper when the author takes their
work to that stage.

--Michael Dillon