PSTN equivalent to the nanog list? PSTN status pages?

I was getting consistent fast busy between 650 and 801 area codes yesterday
afternoon between 1630-1830h PDT. I don't think it was my switch, cuz time
before getting fast busy varied from "right away" to "many seconds >= 10", and
once I heard the beginning of a carrier recorded error msg "message T.." and
then it was cut off and got fast busy again.

Anyway, I'm just curious if there's any place on the Internet to go looking to
see what might be going on with the PSTN network....least common denominator
being a mailing list such as nanog....but I s'pose the PSTN folk aren't so
informal :wink:


I suppose tho, that the question is moot given that with the user interface to
the PSTN is simply "keep trying until it works" -- unless one has connections
to multiple LECs and/or long-distance carriers that one can switch between.