PSI woes

From: (Dave Rand)
Is anyone else having routing problems with PSI?

I don't talk directly to PSI, but Morningstar/Ascend does, and I see the
peering between MCI and PSI drop for hours on a regular basis. I find
that the "host unreachable" comes from either #5 or #7 below:

Interesting sir, perhaps you could share what is considered
"a regular basis"?

Neighbor V AS MsgRcvd MsgSent TblVer InQ OutQ Up/Down State 4 174 442930 1122979 77754087 0 0 2w6d

I will tell you that some /24 announcements are flapping however, I will
not waste the time of the individuals on this list to get into that under
this forum.

Again, if you wish to discuss your concerns offline, my offer to assist you
is still open
however, you haven't offered much data at this point to be of use. I have
not received
your source and destination addresses of reported trouble nor any offline
communication as of yet for that matter.

5: (109 ms) (109 ms)

(107 ms)

6: (190 ms)

(136 ms) (134 ms)

7: (420 ms) (501 ms) (418 ms)
8: (199 ms) (208 ms) (301 ms)
9: (160 ms) (169 ms) (219 ms)

Sure would be nice to put the "net" back in Internet.
   Key fingerprint = 17 40 5E 67 15 6F 31 26 DD 0D B9 9B 6A 15 2C 32
   Key fingerprint = 2E 07 23 03 C5 62 70 D3 59 B1 4F 5E 1D C2 C1 A2