PSI woes

Is anyone else having routing problems with PSI?

On the left coast, we peer with PSI. We buy transit from MCI. PSI
recently (about a month ago) installed a broken localpref to prefer
their private MCI connection. It doesn't matter what we advertise
to MCI (double-hop, origin incomplete), PSI still uses their private
MCI peering - which of course is full during the day, so PSI
customers get packet loss.

Naturally, the problem does not exist on the right coast :slight_smile:

I've called the NOC about 20 times now, trying to get it resolved.
I've been promised, multiple times, that it would be fixed, only
to get told today that "it's a policy issue". What? :frowning:

Anyone else having trouble?

Not that I havee actually seen this problem because we don't buy transit
from MCI, but...

You may want to try adding a few additional copies of your AS to your MCI
advertisement "prepend as 65536 65536 65536" where 65536 is actually your
AS. It largely depends on _how_ PSI is implementing their policy. It
could just be that all routes learned from their West Coast router (i.e.
a Border Router) are given a lower priority than private connect routers.

I guess a PSI person would be much better at answering with specifics. I
know I have seen customers get traffic flows to jump through the most
insane paths just be adding god awful AS lengths to their announcements.

Hope it helps,