Proxad? (Was: Drone Armies)


Top 20 ASNes by number of active suspect C&Cs. These counts are
determined by the number of suspect domains or IPs located within
the ASN completed a connection request.
ASN Responsible Party Total Open Resolved


12322 PROXAD AS for Proxad ISP 7 7 0

Now this is interesting to me, because proxad has been at least as big a pain in my side as far as drones and SPAM sources. Right behind Comcast in no1 and RoadRunner in no2, but I'd never heard of them until they started showing up on my lists a while back...maybe a year or so ago.

Anyone else seeing the same amount of problems with these guys? It's just interesting to me that whoever they are, as far as volume of problems from *my* perspective they're as bad as comcast and rr....

Yes. My current list shows 5032 distinct hosts emitting spam from
within their network, and that's as measured from a very small test
server -- I would imagine that large production servers are seeing
a lot more. This places them behind Comcast, Verizon and a couple
of others, but still solidly in the top ten.

Mitigation: I recommend rejecting all mail traffic from hosts whose
names match these patterns: