Providing IPv4 Services in an IPv6 Backbone

Hi all,

Have there been any gap closures on RFC7439? I am particularly interested in 4PE, 4VPE, and other MPLS enabled services like L3VPN, NG-MVPN, E-Line, E-LAN, and EVPN. Does Juniper have an “ipv4-tunneling” mpls keyword?



I posted this here earlier this month:

Unaware of any other vendor who claims to have solved this problem.


Thanks for sharing. Maybe I have blinders on, but LDPv6 and the v6 SR flavors don’t have much use if v4 CE sites aren’t supported.


Indeed. If your goal is an IPv6-only network with IPv6-only services, then Nokia may have an answer for you.

But if you want IPv4-as-a-Service over an IPv6-only network (4PE or 4VPE), then I'd recommend beating up the vendors.

I'd start with Nokia, since by all accounts, they seem to be leading the charge at this point.