Provider WAAS service for multiple MPLS VPN customers, possible?

Hi there,
     Just want to know if anybody out there has tried to put a pair of
Cisco WAAS cards on two PEs to optimize the traffic of multiple VRFs
between them ? Is that actually possible ? If it's possible, how does
the WAAS module card forward the optimized traffic back to the correct
VRF? Any hints or sample configurations are most appreciated.


I have never done it between MPLS like what you are referring to, but for the best optimization you will need edge WAE units on each end of the connection.

Theoretically if both WAEs are placed inline on MPLS uplink, then it
should work -- unless WAAS code can only recognize IP/Ethernet but not
IP/MPLS/Ethernet traffic. I don't think WAAS is VRF aware and can
maintain a multi-VRF routing table.