provider email maintenance standard

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I’ve heard second-hand there is an existing standard for provider maintenance emails that should be followed in the form of a calendar attachment, but I can’t seem to find any information on it. Can anyone help me with the following:

  1. Does this standard exist? If so, is there somewhere I can read more about it?
  2. How many providers follow this standard?


You may want to explain what you’re linking to, since that url points to context which is locked to those of us who are not authorized to view it. It’s very helpful when dropping a link to provide some context, and especially if the link points to content which is locked behind an authentication page.

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See this URL instead:

NTT / AS 2914’s NOC follows this process to keep customers and partners informed about maintenances.

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Why not submit this as a draft to the IETF and make it an official extension?

maintnote-std/ at master · jda/maintnote-std · GitHub

NTT / AS 2914’s NOC follows this process to keep customers and partners informed about maintenances.

Is there commercial or open source software that already has this implemented?

Back at NANOG in Chicago 2016 someone was working on a standards for Maintenance notifications with calendar invites attached. Not sure what happened with it.

I think this was it.

Erik Sundberg
Sr. Network Engineer

office 773.661.5532
mobile 708.710.7419
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350 N Orleans St. #1300N
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Smarter technology made simple

I ended up writing a flask app that parses provider maintenance emails and posts slack notifications at the start and end of the window. You can also extend it to take actions like drain/undrain traffic during windows. Right now the five supported providers are NTT, PacketFabric, EUNetworks, GTT, and Zayo. The first three follow the MAINTNOTE standard. The last two were done via bs4 and good old regex. Upcoming parsers are in the works for Reliance, CenturyLink, and Tata.

I hope others find this useful and deploy it for their networks. Let me know what you think and if you’d like to contribute:

Here are some screencaps:

If you know of more providers that follow the MAINTNOTE standard, please let me know so I can add them to the parser. Thanks!