Provider credibility - does it matter? was Re: Inter-provider relations

> We peer with 30 other networks at the LINX in London, including GSL
> (Sprintlink), Pipex (, and EUnet GB (AKA PSI). If you watch the

There is interesting question - does SprintLink use this peering
for the traffic _from USA_ to _you_, or for it's UK customers only?

No. Global-One does not announce peers to SprintLink.

It appears that GSL announces all of their _European_ routes to us,
but we don't see any US SprintLink routes. (Or Asian routes, as I

I no longer work for GSL (now know as Global-One) and do not want to speak
for them but..

Global-One does not announce SprintLink routes to any of their peers, except
for certain transit agreements. Remember that Global-One and SprintLink are
currently 2 separate networks from a routing point of view. This fact has
been stated on this list more than once. SprintLink provides transit to
Global-One for most non-European destinations but Global-One does not
provide transit to SprintLink.