Provider credibility - does it matter? was Re: Inter-provider relations

AGIS is currently serving more than 200 cities in the United States with
points of presence (POPs) for Internet access, and has dedicated service
available in almost 50 countries. In addition, the company provides
backbone services to more than 700 of the estimated 3000 Internet service
providers (ISPs) around the world.

Cook: 700 isps? Gosh. That's impressive. Anyone got any data on when they
overtook MCI, Sprint, and UUNET in market share? Leased line access to
almost 50 countries round the world? Any one seen the map of their global
network? Anyone got a list of their foreign pops? Or are they claiming
LDDS lines and POPs in this country and abroad as though they (AGIS) owned
them all.

I had a long conversation with Phil Lawlor, AGIS top cheese, a couple of
weeks ago: they provide IP services to ISPs in dozens of countries. These
connections aren't provided by AGIS pops abroad by via international leased
circuits or over international frame relay networks (like Concert). Does
this mean that AGIS doesn't provide services in "50 countries"? Mmmmmm . .