Proposed change at the Interconnect

Just a point of clarification.

The plan for dismantling the T1 calls for encapsulation of CLNP at any
ENSS that runs OSI on the T1 net as an interim measure until native
CLNP is available on the T3 routers. This will be done by a sepearate
box which will probably be one of the RTs formerly used as the T1
router. Performance of the encapsulator is expected to be comparable
or better than OSI performance on the T1 net (since there is no IP
traffic to load the box), though testing is still ongoing.

Native CLNP support is scheduled for first half of '93. Please keep
in mind that OSI traffic at the "heavy" OSI sites is far less than IP
traffic for the same sites. Providing the interim encapsualtion saves
a great deal of expense by allowing the T1 network to be fully
dismantled while continuing to support CLNP even though native CLNP is
not ready. At no time was dropping CLNP support considered.