Project/Tool to deploy and maintain Edge Servers (VMs) remotely

I’m looking for some tool to work as a Comand and Control of several remote nodes.

The idea is to have many-many nodes of Virtual Machines running on every ASN voluntarily to deploy some services spread everywhere we can.

Something like a Call-Home, that allows the headquarter to track operation, health state, deploy commands.

(Re-reading this phrase, it could sound like a newbie
hacker trying to create his own Mirai. haha…
It’s not the case… I’m not on the dark side of the force.)

I was thinking in use something like reverse ssh and ansible.
But I thought that I’m probably reinventing part of the wheel.

I want to believe that there already some projects that would put-me some steps further on this project.

Could anyone give-me some-tip?

Thanks in advance.

You may want to look at the NLNOG Ring both for examples, but also for how to have interesting views from around the world, similar to RIPE Atlas.

- Jared

Saltstack / Chef may be the solution you need.

If you’re already using ansible, how about ansible-pull?

Saltstack and Puppet typically fill this niche, although some folks have
used Chef in a similar fashion.

I usually advocate Saltstack for this. Broad offering with CM,
orchestration, C&C control bus, and more available. Ansible scales (in
fleet management as well as codebase complexity) quite poorly, so don't
waste time on that.

Contact me off-list if you want to chat more about this.


Douglas Fischer <> writes:

I was thinking in use something like reverse ssh and ansible. But I
thought that I'm probably reinventing part of the wheel.

If your familiar with ansible: ansible-pull?

"pulls playbooks from a VCS repo and executes them for the local host"

Other tools like e.g. puppet use an agent that querys a central server
on a regluar basis.