Progress against spam

Two weeks ago at the Rome meeting of ICANN I made a proposal informally to a
few other registrars that we look into this.

I'd not heard that AOL was going to do something similar.

Basically, something EPP-esque, so that registrars, a smaller body to define
one, or more levels of "trust", than "users" could automate hijacking of the
receive-value sites.

In theory, registrars share state with registrars, and allow 3rd-parties to
act on the shared state, and there is a value proposition.

When the ICANN BoD said VGRS may define as a "registry service" any instance
of shared state between registrars and monopolize the services that arise
from shared state, that idea was moot.

The WLS non-debate at Rome looked like it was about morality and wonderfullness
and all that, YMMV, but it ment that if there is money to be made in the dns
around capturing the value spammers take without paying, and improving the
situation, something similar to the approaches taken by ISPs and 3rd-party
address list (block|permit|modify) maintainers, that VGRS will take it.