Program Committee nominees

The open nomination period for candidates to fill the three open
NANOG Program Committee postions has ended. I am pleased to announce
that we have eleven people who have accepted nominations:

They are (in random order):

    Richard Steenbergen
    Joe Abley
    John Murphy
    Todd Underwood
    Christopher Morrow
    Christopher Quesada
    Pete Kruckenberg
    Jay Adelson
    Patrick Gilmore
    Henry (Hank) Kilmer
    Aaron Hughes

As required by the draft NANOG charter[1], the current Program
Committee members[2] will now begin the difficult task of choosing
from among these fine candidates.

The charter does not specify a procedure, so after some discussion
we have decided to do this:

Now through Wednesday, June 15:
    - Accept comments from the public on the nominees

Wednesday, June 15:
    - Hold a conference call to discuss the nominees and review
      the voting process

Thursday, June 16:
    - Each current PC member will vote for three of the candidates

Friday, June 17:
    - Tabulate the votes, the top three are selected
    - Notify the candidates of the results
    - Announce the results to the mailing list

We encourage you to submit any comments on these nominees that you
would like us to consider while making our decisions. Please send
your comments to "" by Wednesday.

As always, questions or comments on this process or any Program
Committee activities are welcomed; feel free to send them either
to me or the PC as a whole.

  Steve Feldman
  PC Chair

[1] NANOG draft charter:
[2] Program Committee members: