Program Committee candidates

Here is the lists of candidates for the NANOG Program Committee.

First, the new people:
    Dan Golding
    Shankar Rao
    Vish Yelsangikar
    Guy Tal
    Jennifer Rexford
    David Conrad
    Joel Jaeggli
    Pete Templin
    Christopher Quesada
    Ren Provo
    Richard Steenbergen
    Todd Underwood
    Josh Snowhorn
    Jeff Young
    Ed Kern
    Aaron Hughes
    Todd Christell
    Martin Hannigan

And second, the current members who wish to continue:
    Bill Woodcock
    Steve Feldman
    Christopher Morrow
    Joe Abley
    Henry (Hank) Kilmer
    Bill Manning
    Kevin Epperson
    David O'Leary
    Ted Seely
    Susan Hares
    Elise Gerich
    William B. Norton

(If you should be on either of these lists but are missing, please
contact me directly as soon as possible.)

Per the NANOG charter, the Steering Committee, in conjunction with
the current Program committee, will select eight of the current
members to continue for one-year terms.

The eight two-year positions will be selected from the combined
pool of new and incumbent candidates.

We encourage comments on and discussion about the candidates.

Private comments or questions may be sent to the Steering Committee
(, the Program Committee (,
or both.

Please use the nanog-futures list for public discussion of the
candidates or the process.

The actual selection process will begin the week of October 3,
and we hope to finish and announce the results the week of
October 10.

  Steve Feldman
  PC Chair