Professionalism, etc...

This is getting personal and way off topic, so I'll take the
'middle road' with Jeff before we drag this down more,
give a short response, and end it.

( with my financee in Germany for over a month, and absolutely
  no sleep last night, I cannot find the 'high road' this AM,
  sorry ... )

Whomever is superhuman, always speaks and rights exactly what
they intend, always void of emotion and in complete understanding
of all past and present (not to mention future) events and
actions please continue this discussion without me :slight_smile:

I am human and therefore not worthy to discuss professionalism
nor any human condition. Thanks Jeff, for pointing that out.
I need to be constantly reminded of my imperfections. I
realize them myself, but appreciate your reminder and tact.

.... we should all follow Jeff's example and when any human
forwards or advocates an idea, no matter what the position,
lets look for a human fault and or some 'not so perfect'
assembly of symbols of expression (words) with 'not so perfect'
foundation (human emotions) and use them to counter argue.

It certainly works very well to defocus the discussion from
one of ideas and aspirations and to create an interesting
side show. Excellent counterpoint Jeff. It is impossible
for me, unworthly, soiled, and defeated to continue in the
' has professionalism been redefined ?' thread.