Professionalism, etc...

> From: Michael Dillon <>
> Sure it has. But a lot of professionals have the attitude that details
> need to be hashed out discreetly in private so that a polished,
> professional front can be shown in public.

Let's look at this statement and discuss professionalism a little
for fun.

ok tim, lets do that but just for fun :slight_smile:

exactly how should the professional react to the following:

[an earlier message from tim]...

Thanks for all the spam.....

these posting are like kindergarden of IP users with
little answers like:

" please keep in mind that pings add traffic to the net "

Blah, blah. blah. I'm sure I'm not the only one on the
net that considers these little ' oh, tie your shoe
before walking ... so called, help messages ' and the
' make sure to put all the hair in your pants before
zipping your zipper..... notes ... SPAMtastic

Honestly, how some people who just learned how to PING or
do BGP now believe that everyone else on the net needs their
advice on the net is a mystery.

a good manager praises in public, resolves 'personal'
differences in private but that didn't work - no response.

perhaps if we had ever met i might have seen some cause for
the tirade above - we haven't. perhaps if i were some
newby that "just learned to bgp" i'd have crawled back into
some hole - i'm not.

so forgive me if i have trouble sitting idly by while tim
"waxes poetic" about the meaning of life and how to be a
professional in the 90's. in your own words tim,


Jeff Young