Problems with specific routing policies for each exchange point

Some more people asked. Here is

% whois -h '!iAS-GENUITY,1'
AS3847 AS31 AS125 AS127 AS226 AS1220 AS2150 AS2529 AS2873 AS2900 AS3259 AS3344 AS3557 AS3588 AS5378 AS5380 AS5412 AS5413 AS5459 AS5482 AS5485 AS5503 AS5519 AS5593 AS5594 AS5597 AS5600 AS5611 AS5646 AS6201 AS6259 AS6320 AS6427 AS6717 AS6675 AS6760 AS6765 AS6886 AS6973 AS8001 AS8130 AS8161 AS8170 AS8407 AS38 AS103 AS160 AS693 AS1746 AS2907 AS3365 AS3393 AS3669 AS3789 AS4247 AS4358 AS4527 AS5700 AS6136 AS6214 AS6217 AS6349 AS6365 AS6379 AS6392 AS6496 AS6555 AS6576 AS6618 AS6716 AS7062 AS7189 AS7263 AS7820 AS10268 AS10377 AS6402 AS5072 AS7206 AS6200 AS2381 AS3128 AS3129 AS7050 AS3136 AS3148 AS59

Cengiz Alaettinoglu on Fri, 31 Oct 97 09:09:16 PST said:

This problem was addressed in the design of RAWhoisd. I will tell Jake how to

use it.

"Jake Khuon" on Thu, 30 Oct 1997 23:45:25 -0500 said:
> ### to <nanog@Merit.Net> concerning "Problems with specific routing policie


> ### for each exchange point":
> > I ran in to a little problem yesterday with my peering sessions wih the
> > various route servers around the country. The problem was that I was no


> > receiving routes from particular ASNs anymore. With a little help from


> > at Merit we were able to pinpoint the problem in my rs-in configuration


> > seems that I was importing two different AS macros that each referenced


> > other (AS-GENUITY and AS-NAPNET). This created a loop in the macro pars


> > on the route server which in turn nullified my routing policy.
> I would reccommend anyone referencing any of those two macros in their rs-i


> or rs-out to discontinue doing so at least until which time I can throw in


> bugfix to handle looping expansions. Currently the expansion routine in th