Problems connectivity GE on Foundry BigIron to Cisco 2950T


I'm having a right mare trying to get a Foundry BigIron to connect up to a cisco 2950T, via Gigabit copper.

The Foundry BigIron is using a cisco RJ45/copper GBIC that was pulled from a live cisco 6500, where it was working fine. The cisco 2950T has two fixed 10/100/1000 RJ45 ports.

The cables between the equipment have been tested and are fine.

The Foundry has three different types of the gigabit negiation modes:

   auto-gig Autonegotiation
   neg-full-auto Autonegotiation first, if failed try non-autonegotiation
   neg-off Non-autonegotiation

I've tried all three, complete with all the other possibilities with the cisco 2950T (which has fixed full duplex operation, but can be set to 'speed auto' or 'speed 1000').

None of these combinations bring up the link. The cisco 2950 never gets a link light. The Foundry gets a link light regardless when it's mode is set to 'gig-default neg-off'.

I'm at a bit of a loss to explain this. Does anyone know of any configuration issues that can explain this, or is it time to start swapping out hardware components?