Problems configuring cflowd


Im configuring Daniel Mc Robb's and John Hawkinsons cflowd.

I plan on running this on Solaris 2.5.1.

I had some problems compiling it and then can't seem to get the
cflowd.conf config file to be parsed properly.

I am using gcc and having problems with lex. I changed
~/apps/cflowd/lexer.lex to include the following:

%e 16000
%p 14000
%k 14000

and took out one of blan lines around the '%%' line.

I then made some changes to the Makefile and removed the -CF option from
lex -CF.

After these changes I could compile the software ok.

I however keep on getting problems about a left parentheses in
cflowd.conf when I try to start the daemon.

Has anybody compiled this under Solaris? Did you manage to get it sorted

If so I would appreciate any assistance to get this running.

Many thanks