Problems at

Friend lost machines, one came up, other machines on same power did
not. Phone goes immediatly to voice mail.

Anyone know what is going on?

I believe there is currently a power outage in some parts of Fremont, that could be the cause (Linode is currently experiencing difficulties due to power in their Fremont DC,

I was trying to use a few minutes ago. No dice.


I have equipment in Fremont-2 that seems to be unaffected. I'm also
currently in town (upgrade time) and can kick machines or provide
temporary hosting at my cab if need be...

Unfortunately, I don't currently have any more info to add. :frowning:


Linode went down and lost equipment[1]. Of course my node was
one of them.

LinkedIn and Minecraft (among others) were also cold offline.



Yes, it was a power issue, friend is now back up afik, although he
still tries to figure out why one machine came up, while another and
the remote console didn't.

And mine just came back up within in the last 5 minutes.

My understanding was that there was a partial power outage that lasted only a few minutes for some systems (not the entire facility). Generators kicked in but a few UPS did not do their job correctly.

There's been some weather activity on this side of the country; up here
in Reno where I am we're just being snowed on. California usually gets
the worst of it before it hits the mountains (which calms it down) and
gets to us here at 4200' elevation.