Pro bono projects?

Are there any good places a service-network could donate resources
(bandwidth/servers/routing tables/what have you/etc) to
for-the-good-of-the-net projects?

This sort of thing used to be quite a bit more prevalent and I wanted to
know if there are any clear needs in this area.


Deepak Jain

My personal favorite is to put up anonymous FTP mirrors for any free/open
software projects I either use personally or would like to support. It's
certainly not all one can do, but it's a good place to start.


The last time I offered resources for a 'venture technology' project I
received a fairly cold response. The conclusion I reached was that
bandwidth and processing power resources are much too ubiquitous for the
NANOG crowd.

Christopher J. Wolff, VP CIO
Broadband Laboratories, Inc.

Speaking on behalf of myself & the security research community,
distributed sensor nets are hard to pass up, although seldom available. The Honeynet Project springs to mind, as does our BGP & ICMP efforts here at ISTS.

Are you familiar with the DIB:S worm project? We are in need of volunteer
participant networks to place behind instrumented routers.

Any takers?