PRIX update


Little bit less than 19 years ago when PRIX was launched I had a dream to connect many ISPs in the island.

during last 19 years several attempts were made to relaunch an IX but finally last three years a small group of volunteers have really helped PRIX to be come a reality not an IX with PowerPoint and no traffic.

You can hear the story from those who have significantly helped from project here

This week there is Global Peering Forum in Puerto Rico, and I as one of the old time nanoger + local(i dont live here anymore but, you know what i mean want to welcome and send this update about PRIX has broken traffic record 30Gbps last week and with some more caches in the process of being enabled as well as some key peers (listed on the website), next goal is 100G and this can be achieved with those of you who has an ability to help deploy more caches in Puerto Rico! :puerto_rico:

I want to take a moment thank Jeff, Ivan, and Gino for all the hard work behind.

If you are attending GPF this week, let’s talk and see what else we can do to improve internet in Puerto Rico and Caribbean! Any questions related to PRIX feel free to contact me offlist

Congrats, Mehmet! Your persistence is paying off!