Private Link between TOR and CHI

Trying to source some cost effective solutions or vendors that could
provide connectivity in this scenario. Essentially I'll be looking to
expand presence into Chicago, and as such, will need to source a third
party to provide connectivity from 151 Front Street in Toronto to 350
Cermak in Chicago. Specifically, we're looking to build a presence in
Chicago to pursue peering agreements with other providers at 350 Cermak.

If you're aware of any providers that would be able to provide this
connectivity, that would be perfect.


HE, I use them for similar applications.

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I would start with this page:

or whatever datacenter you're in there. Chances are, any carrier listed in 151 Front St. will also be in 350 E. Cermak.

Zayo provides a very reasonable 10G wave service between the two locations.


Just an update -- We've sourced a solution and have moved forward with it.
Thanks for all the replies with vendors -- It definitely helped with the
sourcing process to find vendors that service both locales :slight_smile: