PRISP (ISP Provisiong) Project (was - Ipal project)

Due to previous ipal name collision discovered last week the project has
been renamed PRISP, big thanks to GertJan Hagenaars for this name. Again
if people would like to participate, this project will develop opensource
software (or framework and database schema for such software) to help ISPs
in tracking setup of new network services and connections. This would
include allocation of ip addresses and database of such allocations, database
of circuits and network devices, administration and colloboration on actual
provisioning process for new connections (both for physical circuits and
logical connections such as for colo customer), etc.

  At some distant future project homepage will be located at
  currently there is a sourceforge project info at:

  If you're interested in helping, please join the mail list:
  Or send email to
  with usual "subscribe" in subject and body

For reference for those who may join mail list after this message, below
is the first email that is starting real project discussions (there have
been some smaller discussions last week on different mail lists but we're
starting it all again to keep track of this in archives):