Premeditated Murder of Microsoft

Something to worry about? I don't know.


Depends on how much or how little you appreciate/rely upon/are Microsoft.
Hint: this will not affect my life whatsoever. :slight_smile:

If, in fact, such a thing is being organized by someone, regardless of how
I feel about MS (and this note isn't a hint one way or the other), I can't
help but be reminded by your comment about the old quote regarding how
"they" came for this or that group that had nothing to do with "me" and
"I" didn't say anything....then one day "they" came for "me," and there
was no one left from whom to seek assistance.

Personally, regardless of what is thought of this, that, or the other
target of antisocial people with nothing better to do than organize
probably illegal (and at the very *least* unethical) activities against
others they've decided they don't like, such organization is heinous, and
deserving of serious punishment---certainly not some implicit condoning
shrug of the shoulders.

I abhor the dissolution into mob violence that seems to be growing on the

Rick Horowitz
Network Administrator