Pre-NANOG 26 Oregon Rafting Adventure

Hello! We would like to announce the Pre-NANOG 26 Oregon Rafting

When: October 26th, the day before NANOG 26 starts.

Where: The Upper Mckenzie River,

What about a Hotel: Many of us are staying the nights before and after
at Holiday Farm Resort (Preferred due to the large number of rooms and
availability) 800-823-3715, then
caravanning to Eugene on Sunday morning. There are additional places to
stay in the immediate area - we'll send you full information when you
RSVP. Please plan on making your room reservations as early as possible
as many of these are filling up due to various golfing promotions.

How Far: About 50 miles from Eugene

Where should I fly into: PDX Airport - Portland. This should be less
expensive than trying to fly into Eugene.

Who is running this?: This trip is being coordinated by Mitchell Rose
and Daniel Golding. Ren Nowlin ordinarily runs these things, but she's
in China, so we have been left in charge. Fear it. :slight_smile:

Who can come: Anyone who wants to. This trip is not being sponsored by
vendors or employers.

The trip: we will pass most of the possible hotel accommodations on our
raft trip. All of the places are within a 10 mile radius of where we
will meet (begin and end) on Sat. for rafting (Belknap Resort). The
stretch of river will range from a slow float to class 2-3. We will go
through protected forest and secluded areas, past large log jams (this
is Oregon, lots of timber). We will have a nice BBQ on the river for
lunch and end with a grand raft surfing finale! We will then head to
Belknap to soak in an outdoor 104 degree hot spring next to the river.
This should be a VERY memorable trip.

What to bring: a change of cloths for after the trip (you might get wet
;)), and preferably non-cotton cloths for wearing under the splash gear
on the trip. All other clothing and gear will be provided. Check the web
site for more details.

What's included: All day rafting, lunch, and use of the Hot Spring at
the Belknap Resort.

How Much: $75 for the raft trip, but there may be discounts if we can
get enough folks.

How do I sign up?: Three simple steps - Send email to Mitchell Rose
( or Dan Golding ( We'll get back to
you with more detailed information on the trip and area hotels, and
answer any questions you might have. At the same time, you should
register for the raft trip at
under Cost/Booking. Please include "NANOG" as the group name, your Shoe
size (M/W), Splash top size (Sm, Med, Large, XL, XL2), and any special
needs - vegan, vegetarian, food allergies, etc. The cutoff date for
this adventure is 9/30/02. After that, it's purely "space available".
Finally, book the hotel room of your choice - we'll send you a full
list, but Holiday Farm Resort is recommended.

Transportation: None, but we can all carpool there and back. Please let
us know if you need or want a ride, or can provide one.

Is fun guaranteed?: Yes.

Daniel Golding and Mitchell Rose