PRDB retirement (and note about AS690 advisories)


I also want to echo Sean Doran's question of what text to put at the top
of any NACR submitted before 8 May. It's not just the text at the top
that presents a problem; even the "%begin nsfnet nacr v7.1" or "%begin
ansnet nacr v2.0" no longer seems particularly apppropriate, and what do
we put in the "aup:" line?

To reiterate Brian's answer to this:

  We no longer care what text is at the top.
  Feel free to use aup: N ; nobody will mind any more. This data
     will be discarded next week.
  Please do not mess with the %begin lines on the NACR, or your NACR
     will definitely be mishandled. The PRDB is something of an old
     dog at this point, and we'd rather not try to make him learn new
     tricks for his final few days.