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Good afternoon people.
I would like to advice me some appliance or software (running on top level server line) which supports 20,000 simultaneous PPPoE connections.
The customer has a Cisco ASR1000 but I don't have any confirmed experience that can support it.

Mauro Gasparini.

Cisco is the any option? I read about BRAS server on Juniper MX-480,can you check "Juniper one day: dynamic subscriber management” for more info.

I'll second that. Juniper MX works well for us. We have one router terminating 10,000 PPPoE and 3,500 L2TP and it handles the load fine.

Cisco ASR1k can support up to 64K PPPoE depending on the model/cards. Juniper MX and Nokia 7750 can scale up to a couple of hundred thousands depending on the model. The thing to bear in mind is the ASR1000 is a CPU based router, this means it is very flexible (NAT/L2TP etc can just turn on without extra cards) but throughput is limited to your processor capacity and what you turn on. The Juniper MX and Nokia 7750 are more hardware based routers that can massively scale but you need to work closely with the vendor to ensure you have appropriate cards for your intended application. Personally I have used all of these solutions and I would stray towards the Juniper. This being said the Nokia is also a magnificent box albeit a bit less user friendly IMHO.

For 20,000 sessions two or more Juniper VMX routers can share the BNG / BRAS licensing and provide high availability.

The BNG licenses for hardware based MX routers are tied to the chassis and cannot be shared between multiple routers.

In fact, today I also received comments about the preferences with Juniper, even with its BNG software mounted on a server.
Thank you all for the responses.


I used to work for Redback Networks, which was acquired by Ericsson. The Redback SmartEdge series can easily handle your load (the SE1200 can terminate up to 256,000 subs).

I'm not sure if E/// still sells them, last I heard from my former colleagues was that most of the ex-Redback folks were let go. The design dating back to 2001 will still outperform an ASR9k or MX960 today.

Depending on your needs, you may find some gently used gear on eBay. Configuration is Cisco-like.


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