PPPOE, MTU, and boom.

I have confirmed that when I block all ICMP to/from a website, we cannot
browse that site -- which is somewhat obivious. The question is, how, as
an internet community as a whole, do we fix this?

Seems to me that most people using PPPOE would have a problem here. Or, am
I alone?

My testing has been limited to Win2k, but I've heard similar reports on
WinME, 98, etc.

We've come across this too, and spent quite a while diagnosing. The
problem exists wherever there's an MTU reduction, and is caused by a
combination of ICMP filtering (breaks PMTUD), and Microsoft's attempt at
PMTUD (they just set the DF bit on all packets and expect to get an ICMP
reply back if the packet is too large).