PPP over Ethernet?

The standard for PPP over Ethernet is L2TP. The pre-standard proprietary
implementations were L2F and PPTP, from Cisco and Microsoft, respectively.
I believe you'll find Internet Drafts on all three.

The idea is neither "highly bogus" nor used in association with 10Base-T
cross-over cables. It's used to tunnel ATCP, IPCP, IPXCP, et cetera over

      -Bill Woodcock

Yes, Bill, but over _IP_... not over a _raw_ ethernet cable; as Vijay
pointed out, the Ethernet cards are going to apply some sort of L2
ethernet framing regardless of what you feed them; the original poster
appeared to want to run PPP at layer 2, instead of it's customary layer
2.5. :slight_smile:

-- jra