Power/temperature monitoring

Hopefully monitoring the status of a network is on-topic.

I'm looking for temperature and power monitoring unit to install in some
remote BWA cabinets. We had two incidents where we lost power in a town and
we weren't aware of it until the backup batter drained to empty, and another
situation where the cabinet became too cold. Because these cabinets are
less than 19" wide and just 3-5" deep, I need something quite small. I did
find one product but it requires four components (unit with built-in
temperature sensor, adapter, and AC power sensor, plus power supply)

Perhaps there's someone on this list who has gone down this road and can
point me to a good product.

- temperature sensor
- 110 VAC power monitoring (on/off, not necessarily current)
- Ethernet interface (at least SNMP, Web GUI and

- fed via 12 VDC power
- 12 VDC power monitoring (current)
- humidity sensor



Everything you need.


We have been using "Uptime Devices". Our units have room for 3 sensors (we have 2 temp and one for humidity). Web, SNMP, ethernet, external AC power blob. Its a fairly small form factor and it has been reliable for us over the years. Alerts work as expected and havent had any false positives either over the years.


We also use Uptime Devices and have for years. Never had a problem.


We used an Uptime Device and it didn't work out too well. We switched to an AKCP SensorProbe8-60 http://www.akcp.com/company/sensorProbe8X60.htm which has worked out better.

We need a lot of dry contacts to monitor our alarm relays (Cisco ONS15454, Taqua T7000, Liebert HVACs, Generator, Fire Suppression, etc, etc...)

We've started using ControlByWeb, specifically
http://www.controlbyweb.com/temperature/index.html .. POE, and handles
four probes. We just don't use their probes, we buy them elsewhere (it's
plain old one wire).

We've got a couple of the (beta test) mini goose climate monitors installed. Takes up less space than the big APC boxes we've been using.



Do you know if they have a AC power probe?


Frank Bulk wrote:

Do you know if they have a AC power probe?


Does the UPS not have a dry-contact alarm output, or similar? Presumably you trust the UPS, just not the colo...


We have had good luck with a device called TemPager (http://tempager.com/). Our specific device is used for SNMP temperature monitoring, but they also make a device that includes the ability to humidity, power, flood, room entry, etc. etc.

Hope that is helpful,


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Thanks. The TemPager doesn't appear to support identifying AC power
failure, but that's in the Room Alert 7. The price point and features do
seem reasonable.