power strip with individually monitorable outlet current

I talked to them yesterday and their technical support said they didn't, I
just called them again to confirm and rephrased the question a few other
ways and they still say they don't.

Perhaps it's something they have that they don't call a power strip, what
part number is what you had in mind?

www.servertech.com - some models have per port monitoring of current

> There have been suggestions of good SNMP monitorable power strips here
> before, however I'm looking for a power strip with individually
> monitorable outlet current (via SNMP).
> I've searched google for quite a while and can't seem to separate out such
> a beast from all the remote power management strips that just monitor
> aggregate usage.
> I have an application where I need to record the variation in power
> consumption for individual devices over time. I need to monitor about 30
> devices in 4 cabinets (8 devices per cabinet or so) in and have a budget
> of $4000. I'd like to be able to see current in milliamps or 10 milliamp
> increments. I'm looking for an off the shelf device.
> If anybody can help me I'd certainly appreciate it.
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Nate Duehr <nate@natetech.com>

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