Power basics- any resources?

I need to teach an operations group (Systems, Network, Security, IT folks)
some basics of power as it applies to the team. Normal things they will see
and should understand when they are planning on bringing equipment online
I have an idea of many things to talk about, particularly as they apply to
our environment, but I was hoping there might be some publicly available
slides or docs that I could take advantage of.

I'll be happy to share anything we come up with- though this may just be me
in front of a whiteboard.

Here are some of the questions I plan to cover:

What are amps, volts and watts?

What are Volt-Amps, and why do they matter?

How much can I load that circuit?

How does a breaker work?

Where are the breakers at our sites?

What should you do if a breaker trips?

How do we know how much load a device will place on a circuit?

How do we monitor power usage?

Basic safety.

Redundant power.

Thanks for any pointers!

When it's ok to use a C14 to NEMA 5-15R cable and when it's really NOT ok..

APC (http://www.apc.com) has lots of info Data Center related
(...support...), where you could find some good stuff.


Remind them that power does not come from "the wall", there are
many things they have to keep an eye on, and know where they
are and what not to touch and who can touch and when.

ie Transformers, transfer switches, dc power plants if you have them,
etc, etc.

My .02