Postmasters Anonymous

There's a lot of them. A bunch are "under cover".


I'm aware of most of the public and semi-public spam/abuse lists. But
it is difficult for front-line abuse folks at large ISPs to exchange
tips in a public forum. I was hoping there was something out there for
abuse people who have to handle large numbers of users and complaints.
Fact of the matter is the front line abuse people don't set policy, and
can't do much about it, so I'm trying to find something they can join to
talk about techniques for handling what they can without being yelled at
about stupid policies.

Forums exist for security folks at big ISPs to exchange information, but
I haven't found something for the abuse/policy people. It may simply be
because I'm not as familar with the policy/abuse world since I gave up
my Postmaster duties in 1994, and never wanted it back.