Posting for network engineers and operators...

Apologies if this is not appropriate for this list... but I'm looking to
hire network engineers for our project and would like to hear what job
boards are best for network engineering types to view. I'm not a
recruiter. We are looking for positions in Pennsylvania. Dice? Monster?


Craigslist if the most effective around here.

IME, anyway, none of them. If you're targeting a specific locality, eng/ops groups, linkedin, and craigslist are probably a good start.

I dont believe that engineers looking for engineers is offtopic for nanog, either (though the rules may have changed over the years), though if you're open to a more global response. there is a nanog-jobs list, but it has had effectively zero traffic....

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I *highly* suggest linkedin as well... myself and other coworkers/friends have gotten our past few jobs from there. The recruiters LOOOVE it and more often than not you're swatting them away more than you're looking for work.

+1 (I'm the moderator)

I've found craigslist to be a really good source, but be prepared for a
terrible signal to noise ratio. The amount of ridiculous apps is crazy.

Dice and Monster are good as well, depending on your budget.

I've actually been pleasantly surprised by LinkedIn's job postings as
well. Find a few good network groups and post the ads should
have some decent responses.

The SNR on craigslist goes both ways, for both the applicant and the

There are also lots of terrible job ads, and a large tendency for employers
to not list their identity. Sure, some are just recruiters hiding their
client's identity, but the mandatory identifying fields aren't there like
the other job sites. I always want to know who the employer is before I
apply. Additionally, in certain cities, there's some really bad employers
who post there because they can't afford to post anywhere else, and it
shows in the job offers.

I think CL can work well if you write a complete and proper job ad like you
find on most of the pay boards. Any hey it's free! However, other avenues
(such as Linkedin), generally charge some minimal price for admission, and
to the applicant this means the company is at least serious in their
recruiting and not just testing the waters.